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Director's Message

Director´s Message

Pankaj Kumar Singh, Director of Mind Valley school, I am a sincere veteran educator with a rich and extensive experience in the field of teaching and learning skill and demonstrate both, academic and administrative skill from the past 8 years in Sonpur.

My aim is to match up with competitive education level and prepare students likewise. So that they get admission in there future in any of the top schools and universities of India and Abroad. I want to inculcate the basic human qualities such as respect, compassion, justice and integrity with a solid foundation of discipline and honesty that lead to a strong character.

My vision is to in skill in our students a strong sense of self belief and confidence and impairer them to positively contribute to society and become action and responsible citizen of our country.

The talents, skills and abilities of each student need to be identifying natured and encourage so that she/he could be able to reach at greater height. So I try to provide a platform to think, express and exhibit their skill on appropriate platform. I strongly feel to empower them to negotiate several issues which they comfort in day to day life.