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Online Classes

Online class available due to corona pandemic for all classes.

The Classrooms are well designed and spacious. A school premise is fully under CCTV surveillance.

The smart Classroom is equipped with interactive smart boards and projectors.

In fully air conditioned Classrooms, students are unperturbed by the changing weather conditions.

We provide extra classes and group discussion program. The strength of each class is confined to maximum of thirty.

Students are trained to become proficient in computer skills.

The library that provides students with opportunities to discover the world of knowledge. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age. Our aim is to inculcate not just good reading habits and comprehension skills but also public behaviour and decency. Exchanging ideas is provided with a library period, during the time the pupils are taken to the library and are made to sit there and read books, suitable to their age. Based on it debates and discussions are also held during the Library period.

Counselling in school plays an important role in the students' development and achievements. School Counselling Programmes enhance and promote student learning by enhancing college readiness as well as academic, personal, social, and career competencies. School counsellors are referred to as guidance counsellors, educational counsellors, and guidance teachers. At MVS we have a counselling hall with experienced counsellor who helps the students to overcome the stress or behavioural problems.

At MVS we provide safe transport with attendant. Trained attendants are deputed for the vigilant care and safety of the pre-primary students.

  • Chess/ Board
  • A healthy mind in a fit body contributes greatly in shaping the golden future of a child. Unless the child is made to practice mental exercises in addition to physical exercises as he grows up, he would eventually experience problems such as mental numbness, forgetfulness, loss of concentration, or a whole lot of serious mental disorders like Alzheimer’s, or Dementia as he grows old. Board games such as Chess, Scrabble, or Chinese Checker greatly aid in developing the muscles of the brain because they involve different areas of the brain and engaging in these board games directly contributes towards the sharpening of the brain. Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from the childhood improves the learning, thinking & analytical power, and decision-making ability of the learner.

  • Badminton
  • Badminton increases muscle strength of limbs and improves co-ordination. Children keep their eyes on the shuttlecock as it is hit to and fro and thus they prevent their eyes from different diseases including myopia. Badminton is a sport for all and is really easy to learn.

    It is popular a racquet sport, played either by two opposing players or two opposing pairs. Now a day’s students like to opt for badminton in large numbers.

  • Yoga
  • The word Yoga means 'union' in Sanskrit. Here the union takes place between the mind, body and spirit. 'Asana' refers to the practice of physical postures or poses. 'Asana' is only one of the eight 'limbs' of Yoga. These are concerned with mental and spiritual well being. To ensure a sound physical and spiritual health, we have Yoga sessions for children on a regular basis which also brings out the inner discipline amongst the learners.

Co-scholastic activities are conducted for meeting the students’ necessities by covering a wide range of their talents as well as capabilities. The activities raise interests in the students and a give a similar opportunity to every student for participating and excelling. These activities develop students learning experience, help them recognize and grow their inner talents like leadership qualities, creative skills to name a few.

The House system has a special relevance at MVS, the school is divided into four houses, PRERNA HOUSE- “Duty is Supreme”, CHETNA HOUSE- “From Darkness to Light”, SHARDA HOUSE- “Truth Always Triumph”, ANURAG HOUSE- “The World is a Family”. Each house is an autonomous unit under the care of a House Mistress and its council leaders. It is a structured community within which students develop the feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership. The houses compete in a wide variety of fields like dance, music, debates etc. In fact, these activities test the students and encourage them to exploit their hidden talents.

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